Battle Lines      


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The things we’ve done and the places we’ve been were way beyond our wildest ambitions when we first made music in a room together. We’ve always felt like it was ‘us against the world’, we’ve been through some of the biggest, hardest and best changes in our lives during that time.

It’s not a secret that we’ve been very quiet over the last year… There’s no big story, we love each other, we’re as good friends as we’ve ever been. Life has moved on for all of us, and we now reside in New York, London, Brighton and Leeds, geography prevents us from touring, but it can’t prevent us from releasing new music.  

Last year in the deep of winter, through darkness, cold and the struggle of soured relationships we came together to create Primal. An album that documents how far we could push ourselves physically, mentally and musically. Realizing whatever pain you feel, everyone else has their own version, and everyone needs to break through that struggle to realize who they truly are. 

Lyrically this was an incredibly dark place to go to, I had come out of a relationship that became mentally abusive; looking back I wondered who I had become in excusing that kind of behavior. This is what drove me in the album, those darkest moments became a journey of self discovery and a realization of who I really am and what I deserved.

When we debuted these songs on tour in Europe last year we felt a new sense of purpose and musically, we feel that we have matured since releasing Colonies. We demoed a collection of songs in our rehearsal space before moving into Greenmount Studios in Leeds, recording drums and bass to tape and then layering takes and takes on top to create a wall of guitars, synths and vocals. 

While we’re scattered around the globe, working on our own projects, we’re excited to share this chapter of Battle Lines with you.  

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