Into It. Over It. "52 Weeks"

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The long-awaited and fan-anticipated vinyl release of "52 Weeks" from Into It. Over It. is FINALLY here as a 4x12" packaged in a 24 page hard bound book with individual pockets for each record (aka this weighs a lot, hence the high postage).

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This is NOT included in 2012 Vinyl Subscriptions, this is a 2009 release BUT we have sent out a special coupon code to your email just for you!.

Track Listing

Side A
01. Batsto
02. The Outcome Of All Our Lives
03. Heartificial
04. Anchor
05. Fak It
06. Introduce THIS To Your Parents

Side B
07. Everybody's (Fucking) Crazy
08. A Song About Your Party
09. Ashley's Big Adventure
10. The Worst Company To Keep
11. Friday At Brians (I Have To Be Up In Four Hours)
12. 30 Ft. Spirit
13. Next Stop: The Olympics

Side C
14. ATM Disaster Scenes
15. The Liquor Your Older Friends Bought
16. David Caruso TV
17. Spoonful Of Salt
18. Sebadon't
19. All Thumbs Down

Side D
20. It's Not 2001
21. What's Written On Your Wrist
22. Even Adam Kevin Helen
23. Gin & Ironic
24. Gear Isn't Expensive
25. ChiKeyGo
26. 22 Syllables

Side E
27. Dan I.Y.
28. 53% Accurate
29. Clocked Out
30. New Careers
31. Second Rate Broadcasting
32. Corrugated Windows

Side F
33. Dude-A-Form (Dude Uniform)
34. Watching You Cry In Public
35. Can I Buy A V_wel?
36. Blaargh!!
37. Your Mantra
38. Open A Book
39. Starched And Hung

Side G
40. ...And I Bite My Nails
41. High & Mighty
42. The Bullied Becomes The Bully (Police Story v2.0)
43. Pinky Swear
44. Southern California In The 80's
45. We Organized Your Life
46. Rearrange My Life

Side H
47. Afternoon's Asleep
48. Up Up Done Done
49. Young Lungs
50. Wearing White
51. Radpid Shitty, SD
52. No Big Chorus

Vinyl Pressing Information

First Pressing
20 Test Pressings (Black)
200 Clear Red
300 White
500 180 Gram Black

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