Animal Style Records Half Hearted Hero "Whatever"

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Seemingly every month, a major music publication prints a review by a pompous rock critic who describes a boring record by some third rate Kinks rip-off band as a “perfectly-weaved, unique creation.” Rarely are these descriptions anything more than sensationalism or just plain smoke blowing. However, when it comes to New Bedford, MA-based HALF HEARTED HERO and their latest effort, Whatever, such depictions that are otherwise over the top would be entirely appropriate. Let’s face it, this band really is innovative. Formed in 2005, HALF HEARTED HERO has spent the past 7 years refining their sound, and it would be hard to say it hasn’t paid off. Whatever has as many huge, chunky guitar riffs as it has catchy, relatable vocals destined for sing-alongs. The frenzied track Good Terms has vocalist Anthony Savino howling “And now I’m the oldest of anyone my age / I’m working through this phase / I’ll punch in, if it’s my cue.” On the other end of the band’s stylistic spectrum, Vessel delivers an almost pop-punk chorus surrounded by a massive, lumbering wall of sound. This track finds the band displaying some similarities to alt-metal legends DEFTONES.

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