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I Am Alaska, hailing from the Philadelphia-area, is a collective of five creative individuals bringing a new edge and refreshing sound to the table. Their debut EP, A Day In A Life, recorded by the talented Vince Ratti (Zolof and the Rock and Roll Destroyer), brings with it an exhilarating uniqueness and sense of unrelenting urgency. Straying from traditional song construction and lyrical patterns, the subtle hooks and catchy melodies blend seamlessly with the complex guitar riffs and elaborate drum patterns. At the emotional base of the songs, I Am Alaskas lyrics stem from imagined characters perspectives, all within the same story, and all serving to show the true interrelatedness of all human beings. Connected due to base emotions and occurrences, I Am Alaska draws these character portraits with masterful detail and raw fervor that is convincingly real. Finding inspiration from a variety of musicians and bands (Elliot Smith, This Day Forward, Sunny Day Real Estate), Mike Shaw (This Day Forward) lends his vocal talents for one song on the EP, infusing his unmistakable style to the recording. I Am Alaska stamps a raw, progressive one-of-a-kind sound into their debut EP, A Day In A Life, and is undoubtedly a wake-up call for the masses in terms of style, artistic vision, serious talent, and unstoppable passion.

Track Listing

01. Proletariat
02. Death In a Silent Picture
03. Get Real
04. Wallflower
05. Ghost

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