Monument to Thieves "Self Titled"

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Monument to Thieves is a southern California hardcore band consisting of Agnostics, Atheists, Christians and Straight Edge kids. The name was taken from the very influential band His Hero is Gone. While passing on the traditional messages of hardcore and unity Monument also dives heavily into current events, social struggles/issues and political injustice. The word is getting smaller and the ability to share information and ideas is getting easier and easier. We'd like to take advantage of this and help spread positive ideas and bring light to issues we feel are worth the attention. Monument to Thieves may be new to the game, but with members like Keith Barney (Throwdown, Eighteen Visions) on vocals, Matt Horwitz (Adamantium, The Agony Scene), Marc Jackson (Force of Change, Throwdown) on guitar, Dave Itow (The Mistake, Amendment 18) on bass and Chris Dinicola on guitar it's obvious they are veterans to the scene. First pressing is limited to 500 copies and each includes CD version inside. Featuring guest vocals from Dave Richardson of Force of Change and As Hope Dies.

Track Listing

Side A
01. Sacred
02. -
03. Moral Culture
04. --
05. Down For Life
06. The Spin
07. ---
08. How Far Can We Fall

Side B
09. Never Be Afraid To Ever Be Alone
10. ----
11. Profit System
12. -----
13. 1242
14. Just Like Me
15. Stay Away

Vinyl Pressing Information

First Pressing
20 Test Pressing (Black)
100 Black
150 Red
250 Green

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