Wharf Rats "s/t"

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Wharf Rats two song 7" has one flaw. Its too short. So we've saved ya the trouble of flipping it over again and again. We squeezed the tracks on to the A side and carved some shit on to the back.

Turn it up loud and as you're listening take a moment to enjoy the fact that your 1 of only 750 fools who get to revel in this mash of chords, yelps, and bass fills.

Thanks: The Kids
No Thanks: The Man

Wharf Rats is P.O.S - Chris2 (Anti-Flag/White Wives) - Wade MacNeil (AlexisOnFire/Black Lungs) - Chachi Darin (ex The A.K.A's)

Track Listing

Side A
1. Capital Gains
2. Oh No!

Vinyl Pressing Information

First Pressing
20 Test Pressings (Black)
250 Black
500 White

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