Into It. Over It. "Proper"

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Track Listing

01. Embracing Facts
02. Discretion & Depressing People
03. Fortunate Friends
04. No Good Before Noon
05. Write It Right
06. Midnight: Carroll Street
07. Connecticut Steps
08. Staring At The Ceiling
09. An Evening With Ramsey Beyer
10. Where Your Nights Often End
11. P R O P E R
12. The Frames That Used To Greet Me

Vinyl Pressing Information

First Pressing
20 Black (Test Pressings)
250 Black
500 Coke Bottle
500 White
750 Clear
1000 Gray

Second Pressing
500 Dark Forest Green (Clear)
500 Pink (Clear)

Third Pressing
500 Tri-Color (Black/White/Clear)
500 Maroon w/ White

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